New? What to expect

Visiting a new church can be a scary experience. At Alliance Christian we want you to feel right at home. Here are some common questions you might have

What time do you meet?

We meet every Sunday morning for bible study at 9:30. The setting is informal, where you can get to know people, and spend some time studying God's word. You are more than welcome to join us, but not required.

Regular worship service starts right after bible study at 10:30.

After worship, feel free to stay for fellowship and conversation.

What do I need to wear?

There's no dress code here. Just come in whatever makes you feel comfortable

What about singing?

Our worship service is traditional and simple. You're more than welcome to sing along, and worship.

Do you take communion?

We take the Lord's Supper every Sunday, rain or shine. We practice open communion, which means if you've made Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior you are welcome to partake with us.

What denomination are you?

Simply put, we're not a denomination. We believe that the bible teaches against division, and that we are to be Christians only. Our approach is a little bit different. We believe in unity through what we have in common. The most important thing all Christians have in common is the Bible. For a little bit more about this, see What kind of Church is this?